Awareness Through competition: Dr. Om Foundation's Nationwide Anti-Smoking Campaign

Referring to Valentine’s Day and Saraswati Puja, founder of Dr. Om Foundation, senior cardiologist Dr. Om Murti Anil has been conducting a two-week awareness campaign “Smokers are not selfish” to discourage smoking and tobacco consumption.


In order to conduct a health awareness campaign at the school level, the foundation has taken forward the 'School Health Programme'. In the same context, the foundation has organized a 'School-level open nationwide poetry, painting and quiz competition' related to smoking and tobacco consumption.


  In recent days, there has been an increase in the incidence of smoking and tobacco consumption starting from the school level in Nepal. According to the study, the average age of smoking in Nepal is 17 years. If you fall into addiction while you are a teenager, you have to go through complex health problems at a young age.

Therefore, it is indispensable to make students aware that smoking and tobacco consumption are harmful. Anil said - If students are made aware of the effects of smoking and tobacco consumption on their health, they will not smoke and consume tobacco themselves. Also, they can stop family members, relatives and friends from consuming it.


With the same purpose, the foundation has organized a 'School-level open nationwide poetry, painting and quiz competition' to reflect the effects of smoking and tobacco consumption on the health of the user, the user's family and friends -Anil informed. The foundation has also publicly announced the opportunity to participate in the competition online.


Poetry Competition on Smoking Awareness

A poem of prose or verse composed in Nepali language should be contained within 250 words. According to the foundation, five students will be selected as the best composers in the poetry competition in which students up to class 12 will participate and each of them will be awarded a cash prize of 10,000 rupees along with medal and certificate.


Painting Contest on Smoking Awareness
Students up to grade 7 are invited to join a children's painting competition focused on the theme of smoking and its adverse impacts on health and family. Participants are required to create hand-drawn pictures on A3 size paper.

Once completed, the artwork can be submitted either by scanning and emailing it to the foundation's email address or by sending it via courier to the office address. From all submissions, one female and one male student will be chosen as the top painters, each receiving a cash prize of 10,000 rupees as recognition for their artistic talent and advocacy for a healthier lifestyle.


Quiz Competition on Smoking Awareness

According to the foundation, students up to grade 12 can create a three-member team from one school and partake in a quiz competition centered around the effects of smoking and tobacco consumption. It's mandatory for each participating group to have at least one female student.

From all participants, three groups will be distinguished as first, second, and third place winners, receiving cash prizes of Rs 50,000, Rs 30,000, and Rs 20,000 respectively. Additionally, all winners will be presented with certificates and medals.

The quiz competition will consist of two stages. Initially, the first stage will involve a virtual rapid-fire round among applicant groups, along with a one-minute talk on a randomly selected smoking-related topic. The top 14 groups (2 from each province) from this stage will advance to the second round. From these 14 groups, the winners of first, second, and third place will be determined. Quiz competition will be held virtually on ZOOM platform.

The quiz competition will be broadcasted live on Facebook, allowing viewers to engage with the event. Each team will have one minute to present their perspective on a smoking-related topic and rapid fire set up questions.

To participate in the quiz competition, interested individuals must complete the application Google form available on the foundation's website and Facebook page before the deadline of February 10th, 2024.


Additionally, participants in other categories are required to submit their entries to the foundation's email by February 10th. Each contestant must provide their name, photograph, grade, school name, address, contact phone number (including an optional number), email address, and student ID card details clearly along with their application.

The ultimate judgment for the competition will be rendered by the Foundation team. Detailed information regarding the competition can be found on the foundation's website and Facebook page.