First Free Heart Camp

 Dr. Om Foundation was formally inaugurated by honourable Chief Minister of Madhesh Pradesh, Saroj Kumar Yadav. The foundation is established by Dr. Om Murti Anil with the aim of working in the fields of health, education, and social transformation.

On the 30th of Kartik 2080(16th September 2023), Thursday, a large-scale free health camp related to cardiac health was organized in Dhamaura, Ward No. 10, Balwa Municipality, Mahottari district, marking the official beginning of the Foundation.

Dhamaura in Mahottari is also the birthplace of Dr. Om Murti Anil.

The chief guest at the event was the Honourable Chief Minister of Province 2, Saroj Kumar Yadav.

A total of 428 individuals underwent cardiac health check-ups, including ECG, echo, blood sugar and more during the health camp.

Out of these, 242 patients underwent Echocardiography test, 325 underwent ECG tests , and 340 received blood sugar test. Additionally, medications specially for high blood pressure,high blood sugar,high cholesterol and heart disease  was provided to more than 400 patients. Each one of them received minimum of 1 month of prescribed medicines.

The health camp prioritized elderly and economically disadvantaged individuals, providing free medicines and basic cardiac health services at the Heart Hospital.

For health awareness, various brochures and pamphlets were distributed, along with consultations on diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Om Murti Anil, the founder and president of the Foundation, led a team of around 40 local health workers and volunteers, including specialists , in conducting health check-ups over three days.

The event was coordinated in collaboration with Balwa Municipality.

According to the Foundation, individuals saved an average of Rs.5,000 in health expenses during the camp for health check-ups and medication.

During the program, Dr. Om Murti Anil was felicitated by Balwa Municipality for his medical profession and the awareness campaign promoting a healthy lifestyle, which has earned global recognition.

The Chief Minister of Province 2, Saroj Kumar Yadav, presented a commendation letter to Dr. Anil on behalf of the municipality.

The felicitation program was presided over by Mayor Ram Vijay Mahato, with greetings from Ward No. 10 Chairman Rajkumar Yadav and best wishes from former teacher Sushil Yadav.

The Foundation, even before its formal initiation, has been actively working in line with its objectives. It currently provides free telemedicine services from its central office in Basundhara, Kathmandu. Approximately 300 individuals, mainly employed abroad and with limited access to healthcare facilities, have already availed themselves of the Foundation's telemedicine services.

The Foundation has future plans to carry out creative projects for the service of rural and remote populations in various districts of the country in the fields of education and social transformation.

Dr. Om Murti Anil, for social transformation purposes, sells his book Jiwanta Sambandha, and the proceeds are utilized by the Foundation for the welfare of helpless elderly individuals.